Bodily Disabled (Paraplegic)

Amongst the victims of war, various crises and terrorism resulting from the Iranian regime’s Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East, in the past three decades, there are a large number of wounded and maimed refugees in this group of people.

In the past three years, ALALR has cooperated with other volunteer groups to support hundreds wounded, maimed and paraplegic men and women, and supported them medical care using local Albanian specialists, doctors and medical centers. This included individuals suffered amputated limbs; paraplegic patients and suffer paralyzed limbs; and completely blinded patients victims who have required medical care due to war conditions and terrorists attacks.

Providing logistics for a medical clinic to provide care for patients in Manez of Tirana is another aid measure provided, since 2017, to the victims of the religious dictatorship in Iran and Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East.

Education & Training

Education & Training

Since 2017 AFALR launched various educational and retraining courses for these refugees who were able to flee missile/rocket attacks, bombings and war conditions.

    • Language courses (English and Albanian)
    • Social Media
    • Computer Science, Programming and Communications
    • Project Management
    • AutoCAD

To this day, around 1,700 refugees have registered in these classes and have been busy undergoing their training. providing training for these men and women. Local teachers, and teachers from the refugees themselves, are providing the education needed in these classes.

Relocation and Housing

The AFALR Foundation has accepted to provide facilities for Camp Ashraf and Liberty Residents who had left all their facilities and houses in Iraq and were forced to leave by attacks and killings initiated by the Iranian backed militia and proxies

This includes support to procure or building Lavatories, Showers, Ventilation facilities, Fire extinguishing system, Storages, Gas station,

Considering the fact that Albania lacks resources to support such work financially, fortunately, due to relentless global efforts and receiving support from various humanitarian associations and individuals in Europe and the U.S., AFALR has been able to launch modest places for the living of residents.